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The Smart Tradeoff

is for design professionals who want to move “up the food chain” – to convincingly and authoritatively demonstrate the leadership abilities of the practice.

To realise this goal, however, means an end to “business as usual”, and demands a significantly greater discipline from the design practice. We call it the “Smart Tradeoff”.

Most design firms focus on specific project types, and develop expertise in them. Then they re-invent the round wheel on project after project in applying this expertise.

The Smart Tradeoff short-circuits the least desirable aspects of round wheel re-invention, and powerfully augments the best. The Smart Tradeoff means that senior staff must invest some precious hours up front to translate the firm’s corporate memory into the firm-specific, discipline-specific, project type- specific iProjects templates for all project processes.

The payoffs for this investment are huge:
  • Process clarity for everybody, including clients, other consultants, subconsultants and project teams.
  • Consequential sharp reductions in rework.
  • Consequential significant reduction in risk through consistent application of best practices.
  • Sustainable differentiation of your service offers.
  • Increased staff satisfaction and productivity through knowing exactly what is expected of them.
  • Realistic project budgets, with an end to scope creep, that can actually predict project profits.
  • Increased authority in the project team.
  • A very real opportunity to achieve or exceed practice profit goals.