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Knowledge resides in the heads of your people, and your firm’s “corporate memory” is the sum of all that knowledge. There are two big problems with that. First, there is rarely any good way to access the knowledge in other people’s heads. Second, when people leave, the knowledge base leaves with them. Very few design firms have created programs that successfully capture and manage corporate memory.


iProjects tackles the corporate memory challenge in four ways: First, it provides a comprehensive framework for storing and accessing corporate memory, closely linked to the design process structure at three levels (design stages, tasks and actions). Second, it populates that framework with a generic knowledge base drawn from industry resources and distilled from the founder’s half-century of experience in design.


Third, this framework can be easily updated by the practice administrator to reflect the way the practice works, making this tailored knowledge base instantly available to every user. Fourth, iProjects provides an easy-to-use template that encourages users to suggest improvements to the system.


Knowledge resource information evolves over time, as standards change, new and better ways are found to do things. The iProjects knowledge base will be updated at regular intervals, provided in a matrix to allow customers to review the update suggestions, and incorporate the new information selectively as they choose.