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Responding to User requests, we have built a new, integral email client in iProjects Email fully integrates email communication, design management and project management functions, optimizing and simplifying project document control. 

On any printable iProjects form, you can click the Email button, which:
(a) saves the document as a .pdf file,
(b) opens a new email addressed to the client contact address,
(c) enters the project number in the Email subject line,
(d) identifies the contact as the client,
(e) identifies the project name,
(f) identifies the Form ID from which the .pdf file was created; and (g) attaches the .pdf file to the email. 

All in one mouse click: nothing could be easier.

See UserGuide 2.1: Email Design Brief for an overview, and UserGuide 2.2: Email User Manual for detailed information.