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Talk to a Human

If there is one thing about the new digital world that drives us crazy, it is the experience of having to carry on a conversation with a machine.


Some of these machines are fiendishly clever. Recently, I personally had the experience of calling the US Social Security system to change my social security (US pension) payments to a different bank account. Needless to say, this involved quite a bit of security checking, and took a while – but the machine with a woman’s voice cheerfully said “Got it!” each time we cleared another info-hurdle.


This was a rare successful person-to-machine experience, contrasted with the vast majority of experiences where our reason for calling doesn’t fit any of the pre-programmed options, and after a long time we get transferred to a human, who might or might not know how to respond to the query. Generally, these exchanges incite frustration, and often rage, by the time we get to speak to the hapless human who is only trying to be helpful.


At iProjects, the entity that answers the call will be a human, if there is anybody in the office when you call. And if we aren’t, and you have to leave a message on our old-fashioned answering machine, you will get the number for a direct line to an off-site human.  Call that number, if the request is urgent. Otherwise, an actual human will get back to you as soon as he/she returns to the office.