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iProjects has a comprehensive support system, that works at four levels:


First, every template and proforma contains basic built-in help – right there, where users need it. Help notes are always in green text.


Second, there are detailed UserGuides available from every page layout in the system – simply by clicking the “?” question mark in the page header. Clicking this link takes a user directly to the Support page in the iProjects website. Because the FileMaker engine in iProjects contains its own web browser, the entire website is accessible from inside the iProjects system; you can click back and forth between the two, or have both open side-by-side. The website UserGuides are continually updated, so that users always have access to the most recent help.


Third, your iProjects subscription includes unlimited, free email support, for any question that the UserGuides can’t answer. In most cases, we will be able to respond to requests within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.


Fourth, we provide telephone support for those who want it. The first ten minutes of any query are free; if your request can’t be resolved in ten minutes, we offer additional paid support at the low end of industry support rates.