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PSMJ Resources Inc.

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“PSMJ Resources, Inc. has for over 30 years focused on providing the best source of management information for A/E services. We serve both the private sector A/E firm and government agency staff with key information and management techniques that seek to make the delivery of projects for the built environment more efficient and effective. We publish books and surveys, conduct public seminars and provide in-house training for both private sector and agency groups. Our writers, trainers and consultants all have actual hands-on experience in the management of A/E firms, government contracting and capital program management within agencies at the federal, state and local level. PSMJ sponsors over 200 public training programs per year, both on the web and in intensive two day training sessions, offering well received training to make individuals more successful. Our surveys contain information for both A/E firms and government clients to assist in establishing reasonable costs for A/E contracts.”

PSMJ has a blog filled with useful posts: PSMJ Blog.