Is iProjects FOR ME?

Is iProjects for me?

If your practice is working exactly the way you think it ought to work – no need for improvement – probably not. But if you think that it could/should be improved, you owe it to yourself to explore this website, and see if the issues it addresses resonate with the changes you think might be needed to lift your practice to the next level of excellence.

iProjects is designed to complement and extend the functionality of, not compete with, existing practice management systems. iProjects provides the content, tools and flexibility that extend typical accounting-based practice management systems to the level of a full design management solution.

Smaller practices, that have never invested in an integrated practice management system, find that combining iProjects with a small-firm accounting program such as MYOB™ or QuickBooks™, will provide an adequate solution for their practice management needs.

See also The Smart Tradeoff under the Resources | iProjects Advantage tab.

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