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All designers long for freedom of expression.  With freedom comes, of course, responsibility for results, which tempers how freedom can be expressed.

Some say it’s off to a rocky start – but we believe that the IDP movement is one of the most important changes in the world of design since the role of the master builder died a long time ago.  Opportunities like this are rare; this one is directly before us now.

No software program can turn a design professional into an industry leader. But those with the foresight and drive to meet the challenge of this new order will need tools that help them implement this future.

We have begun to build the tools of this new order, and we will continue to develop them to help forward-thinking design professionals “take the high ground” of this opportunity.

Here’s the formula:  Control + Integration = Freedom.

The result? You and your staff will experience a solid process structure that promotes and facilitates a greater focus on design – which is what really matters.