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For the last quarter-century, the role of design professionals worldwide has become increasingly “commoditized”; that is, being seen as something to be purchased on a price basis, rather than a value basis. 

The reasons for this shift are complex, but many design professionals link this change with a loss of control generally over the entire procurement process, and in turn see that loss of control as a failure of the design professions to assume responsibility for overall project outcomes in the 1980’s, which in turn lead to the growth of the role of the “Project Manager” as an separate profession.

We may have lost that opportunity through inaction and avoidance of risk, but another opportunity has emerged – described under the sidebar title Integration.

This history has been “top-of-mind” throughout the development of iProjects, and in the selection and development of its tools and systems: to reinstate real project control. Implement the iProjects logic, use these tools – and you’ll get these results:

  • Your Clients will see their projects in control.
  • You will see project-level responsibility for performance – of every team participant.
  • Your Project Managers will see that they have all the tools they need to achieve on-time, on-budget results.
  • Team members will see detailed, project-specific assignments. They will know exactly what they are to do.