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Designers are all in the presentation business, whether or not they realize it. A presentation is a special kind of communication, where the objective is to convey a coherent message, soliciting some action or response from the presentees. Designers make formal and informal presentations almost every day – sometimes to win commissions, but more generally to communicate with staff, superiors, clients, contractors, authorities, and project stakeholders. Equally important – if not more important – are the less focused communications that are required to conduct a design business: Team building and team interactions, email management, and just plain getting along with one’s colleagues. Most of these communications are verbal (oral and/or written) – but graphic communication is probably the preferred communication mode for right-brained design professionals – and skill in that is critical to success. No less important or powerful are the more subliminal forms of communication: brand, style, and values projected by the “clothing” of the practice, and the way the brand, style and values are communicated by everybody in the practice. The Communications Resource List includes entries for PSMJ Resources, AEC Business Academy, Society for Marketing Professional Services and Garr Reynolds. Download Resource list.